Thanksgiving Math Freebies

Day 1:

Fall Comparing Fractions

Day 2:

Color by Code Equivalent Fractions
Color by Code Missing Factors

Color by Code Mixed and Improper Fractions
Color by Code Prime and Composite

Day 3:

3.4K_Exit_Ticket Multiplication and Division 1 and 2 step problems within 100
3.4I_Exit_Ticket Even or Odd
3.4E_Exit_Ticket Represent multiplication facts using a variety of strategies
4.4C_Exit_Ticket Represent 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication
4.4H_Remainders_Exit_Ticket Interpreting Remainders
4.3D Exit Ticket Comparing Fractions
5.3K Fractions Exit Ticket Add and Subtract Fractions
5.3F_Exit_Ticket Represent Decimal Division
5.3I_Exit_Ticket Represent and solve fraction times a whole number
Digital Exit tickets – Members Only

Day 4:

3rd Grade Recipes Cards
3rd Recipe Questions
4th Grade Recipes Cards
4th Grade Recipe Questions
5th Grade Recipes Cards
5th Grade Recipe Questions

Day 5:

3rd Thanksgiving Fractions
3rd Thanksgiving Multiplication and Division
4th Thanksgiving Fractions
4th Thanksgiving Multiplication and Division
5th Thanksgiving Fractions
5th Thanksgiving Multiply and Divide Decimals
Editable Thanksgiving Math Craft (members only)

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