Teaching Profit for 4th Grade

It took me way too many years to figure out that my adding and subtracting decimals unit was also the perfect time to introduce profit to my 4th grade students! Introducing profit now gave my students much needed practice at adding and subtracting decimals, while also spiraling in those pesky financial literacy TEKS.

I felt like my students always understood profit…in theory! But they would quickly forget what it actually meant. I mean…how many 10-year olds out there are running a full blown business and calculating profit loss…probably not many! So my goal was to make profit as relatable as possible! So using examples like running a lemonade stand, selling slime to classmates, and mowing lawns were all things my students could relate too. I used these examples and these slides as a way to introduce profit to my students.

I also created this poster for us to review the concept as use as a reference throughout the year. You can grab the FREE PDF version for printing or projecting here.
PRO TIP: Always project and trace your anchor charts! Things I wish I knew when I started teaching!

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