10 Day End of Year Math Review

end of year test review guide

At the end of this post, you will find a FREE 10-day end of year math review plan for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. BUT WAIT!!! Don’t scroll just yet. There are a few things we need to talk about first. Each day includes the TEKS and topics covered, as well as 2-3 activities to go with those skills. The 10-day review does not include ALL TEKS. There is no way to cover a year’s worth of material in 10 days and we shouldn’t have to! We will hit skills with the most leverage.

Before starting the activities mentioned in the plan each day, we complete a spiral review sheet. I love to use this End of Year Spiral review. We complete one section of these each day and go over it as a whole class. If we are short on time, I will go over the most challenging questions (instead of the whole page). This is a way to ensure that all skills are reviewed in some fashion.

Many of the strategies used during this 10-day STAAR review are from Lead4Ward. Lead4Ward is an absolute wealth of knowledge. The instructional strategies playlist will have all the directions you need for any of their activities mentioned in the 10-day review. They also have an app where you can access the instructions there as well. Their strategies have been game changers in my classroom.

You can click the links below to access the 10-day end of year review for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I hope this takes a weight off your shoulders and helps you as you plan out the coming days. Your students are going to absolutely demolish the test, because they have the best teacher around- you!

3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade

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