Math Classroom Decorations…with a purpose!

math classroom decorations

Looking for the perfect math classroom decorations or theme? I LOVE classroom set up and classroom decor! Who’s with me??? Okay, okay I get it! It’s not everyone’s thing and that’s okay! It is so incredibly important to balance making our classrooms welcoming, but also functional and meaningful!

Over the years I have learned it is important to use the wall space I have in a meaningful way! Yes, those posters are so incredibly cute, but do they aid my students and the instruction that will happen in my classroom this year? I’m not saying everything must have a mathematical purpose! I have giant paper flowers at the front of my room which I love, and their only purpose is to look cute and that’s okay! It’s all about balance!

Here are some great ways you can use to spruce up your classroom with resources your students will actually use and that will bring value to your math instruction.

Math Alphabet

This resource is not only super cute, but also gives students access to grade level vocabulary. Brittany at Miss5th has multiple options for each letter so you can choose what works best for your students.

Math vocabulary alphabet decoration on classroom wall
Miss5th’s Math Alphabet

Prime and Composite Number Line

This works perfectly for upper elementary and middle school classrooms. Students can use this number line as they work through problems, but it also gives a visual, color-coded reminder of numbers that are prime and composite. Click here to download the number line for upper elementary.

Prime and composite number line on classroom wall above whiteboard
Prime and composite number line at the top of whiteboard.

Skip Counting Posters

This was my favorite addition to my classroom and one of the most utilized resources in my classroom. You can get these printed poster size at a local print shop or go old school and print them yourself, then cut and paste together!

Math classroom wall with skip counting posters above whiteboard
Skip Counting Posters

Problem Solving Strategies Posters

We use these steps to help us ATTACK word problems. Get a free black and white set of these posters by clicking here. Want to know more about how I teach problem solving? You can find out more in the math problem solving blog post.

Math problem solving posters for classroom decorations
Problem solving attack strategies posters

Math Puns

These are so fun! At first, I didn’t truly view them as super meaningful, but as I began to teach skills and content related to some of the posters so many of my students commented on them. They had been reading them for months and now truly understood the puns and loved it!

Math puns on math classroom wall
Math Pun Posters

My last suggestion is to leave space for current learning! You do not need to cover every inch of wall space! Yeah it may look a little empty at the beginning, but by December your walls will be full of anchor charts and reference posters from all your learning over the months! You will absolutely need wall and board space to hang things that are not “décor.”

To see more of my classroom set up, follow me on instagram. And be sure to tag me so I can see all the fun, meaningful ways you decorate your classrooms!

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