Basketball Math Review Transformation

March means test prep season is upon us! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, room transformations are my absolute favorite way to review and prepare for upcoming test! Thus, a basketball math transformation!

Students work to complete different tasks that review various math skills we’ve learned throughout the year. Y’all…it’s a packet of worksheets…worksheets!!! And the kids totally love it! It is engaging and full of actual content and learning!

basketball math transformation review game

The review packet consist of 7 different focus skills. The skills we reviewed included place value, adding and subtracting rational numbers, data representations, multiplying and dividing decimals, multiplying and dividing fractions, graphing, and order of operations. Students also created their own jersey to add to the fun. You can have students track their progress using the jersey’s or just keep them with them for fun! All of their jerseys were so creative and unique!

Students were also given a ticket the day before to get into the game! Grab your free, editable basketball ticket! This create great anticipation and get the kids so excited!

editable basketball ticket for basketball math review

To add to the fun, students pulled brain break cards after completing certain challenges. The task were silly and fun like giving a certain number of high fives, singing the national anthem, or pretending to be a concession worker selling popcorn in the stands. We had a Basketball Spotify playlist and wore our fave sports gear! Yes to wind pants, jerseys, tennis shoes, and sweatbands!

During classroom transformations, it’s always good to have some kind of behavior management plan. That is where the foul cards came into play. Students were told they would receive a foul card if they were not following class rules and expectations. Two foul cards and they would be out of the tournament. I didn’t end up having to use any of these cards! But it’s good to have a plan just in case!

This basketball transformation was an absolute blast in our classroom! Students were engaged the entire time and got in some really valuable practice. Work hard, play hard! Springtime is already a bit crazy…so why not embrace the crazy and channel that energy! How do you prep for state test? How do you plan to embrace the madness? Why not a little BIZARRE BASKETBALL CHALLENGE?

  • Geometry Basketball Review-4th grade (members only)
  • Measurement Basketball Review- 4th grade (members only)
  • Mixed Review- 4th grade (members only)
  • Mixed Review- 5th grade (members only)
  • Basketball Review Editable Template

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