Football Math Review Transformation

football math review transformation

Hey friends!!! I absolutely love doing classroom transformation and have found they work best for me during big review times. Doing transformations to review several skills allows me to use the transformation for a few days, making it well worth it. The first transformation I did this year was our football math review classroom transformation. It was an absolute blast and perfect for this fall season!

football math review classroom transformation

The Decor

This transformation was super simple! I bought some football table clothes from Dollar Tree, borrowed some popcorn buckets, football helmets (thanks to the hubs who happens to be a football coach), and a referee shirt! Found a few foam footballs and a grabbed a hula hoop from our PE coach and we were all set! I spent less than $10 on this transformation! To add to the excitement, I also made game day tickets to give out to my kiddos the day before. This definitely created some anticipation!


The Content…you know, the most important part!

Our goal was to review three major topics: place value, adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying and dividing whole numbers. There was a football themed station for each topic we needed to review.

Up first, place value popcorn. I printed multiple choice place value questions on different shades of yellow paper, cut them out, crumpled them up, and placed them in some popcorn buckets. Students simply pulled out pieces of popcorn and answered the questions.


The second station was the concession stand. The concession stand menu was projected up at the front of the class and the students used the menu to answer various task cards requiring them to add and subtract decimal numbers.


The last area required students to answer football themed multiplication and division problems. Once they answered correctly, they got to throw a foam football through a hula hoop.

Students worked through these task cards over the course of two days. Grab access to the cards from the links below.

Every time I do a transformation I am blown away by how the smallest details can bring so much excited! Do you have any classroom transformations planned for this semester? Going to try a football themed classroom transformation of your own?

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classroom football transformation


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