How to Build a Classroom Stage

how to build a classroom stage

After dreaming of having a stage in my classroom for at least a year, summer was the perfect time to make this happen! My husband may or may not have rolled his eyes a bit…in the most loving way of course when I asked if he would help me build a classroom stage.

This was my stage inspiration from Kori over at truetalesofateacher . It’s so gorgeous! And I love that the pieces are moveable and can be rearranged!

For the shorter two stage pieces, here’s what you will need. Two pieces of 4×6″ cut 4 ft long, two pieces of 4×6″ cut 2ft long, and four pieces of 2×4″ cut 5.5ft long. The picture below shows what is needed for one shorter stage piece, so you would need to double that for two short stage pieces.


To build the taller two stage pieces, you will use the same materials, but double and stack on top of each other. My husband and I did not build the two taller pieces (yet!), but probably will someday.

You will attach the two 4ft pieces and 2ft pieces together to build a rectangular base. We used 2″ exterior screws. Pictured below. 

We used two screws on each corner.


Here’s a picture of the final rectangular base! We built two of these to have two of the shorter stage pieces. To form a taller stage you would stack the two rectangular pieces on top of each other and use 11″ 2×4″ pieces to brace the corners.

Once we had the bases built, it was time to start on the top piece. For the platform, we bought a piece of plywood (needs to between 3/4″-1″ thick). Plywood comes 4’x8′, so we had Home Depot cut it into fourths to that each piece would be 2’x4′, and would fit perfectly on the bases we created.


Before attaching the platform to the stage we covered it with grey outdoor carpet. This can be purchased at home depot. 

We used a staple gun to wrap the carpet around the top platform and keep it in place. We didn’t own a staple gun before this, but you can get one for less than $20 at Home Depot. Then we screwed the platform on the top of the base. We used a screw on each corner and one in the center of the sides (total of 6 screws).


The total price of our creation was somewhere around $200 including all the wood, carpet, a gallon of paint (we definitely could have gotten a lot less paint!), brushes, and various tools. The top piece of plywood was by far the most expensive part (~$50) and we only used half of it for these two pieces! Now that we have all the tools and half a piece of plywood left, adding on the two taller stage pieces would cost us hardly anything!

Here is the finished product! Someday we will add in the two taller stage pieces, but for now it is perfect and my kiddos and I are loving it!


Does your classroom have a stage? Do you have dreams of having a classroom stage?

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